To surprise (someone) greatly over and over again, especially during conversation; fill with astonishment every time.


re-astonish - re-astound - re-surprise - re-flabbergast - re-stupefy - re-kindle

Our Philosophy

The single most effective way for attracting new customers and keeping existing customers happy is to talk to them. Whether its customers contacting you about a problem or you informing customers about a new service, they are all valuable conversations on which great relationships are built.

The problem for small businesses is the growing wedge between customer support and customer relationship management. When you help customers, great relationships are built. All that's missing is a great conversation. It's that simple.

Our mission is to bring customer relationship management back to its roots for small businesses. Reamaze is about having more meaningful and effective conversations with your customers as human beings. We believe this should be simple, intuitive, and most importantly, rewarding for small businesses.

Part customer support helpdesk and part contact management, Reamaze offers an intimate way for you to have conversations with your customers wherever they may be and keep track of who they are.

About Us

Reamaze is handcrafted with care in San Jose, California.

2155 East GoDaddy Way
Tempe, AZ 85284 USA