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Keep your customers informed. Inform them of outages, delays, or scheduled maintenance of core business systems. Alert customers of any incidents and issues through a status page or a status page built into Re:amaze Chat.
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Keep customers informed of your core business system statuses.

Designed for transparency and accountability.
We’re at least 30% more efficient with Re:amaze than Zendesk due to the excellent integrations and reduced friction when dealing with customers. The excellent FAQ integration in the chat widget, chatbots, and on-site engagement has reduced our inbound inquiries by 25% – customers always prefer self-service if they can find the answers they need easily

Publicly announcing incidents helps you boost customer confidence.

Easily manage your business’s public image when it comes to transparency.
  • Create and manage a list of all your business systems
  • Allow staff members to see any ongoing incidents
  • Add and delete incidents as they happen and resolve
  • Automatically publish incidents to your FAQ and Chat
  • Customize your Status Page colors to match your brand
  • Provide updates to existing incidents for transparency
  • Provide updates in our easy to use WYSIWYG editor

Allow customers to see what you’re dealing with so they can sympathize.

Stuff happens and it’s not always your fault. Re:amaze Status Page allows you to focus on your work while staying fully transparent.

Don’t leave customers in the dark while you’re experiencing downtime or an unforeseen outage.

Staying ahead of issues can help you boost customer confidence and enable you to focus on selling rather than answering repetitive questions about problems you’re facing.

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